Lake Chelan Wine Tours - what we do best!
Lake Chelan Wine Tour
Rio Vista Winery
This winery is very hard to find. It's one of my favorites to bring my guests to because it's always a hit! Located on the Columbia river where they catch the fish they smoke and sell, as well as the great wines they bottle. The property is amazing!

Chelan Area Wine Tour
Tunnel Hill Winery
This very special place is a gem. We always suggest taking a peek out the back doors. And from what I hear, the wine is special too!

One Stop on the Lake Chelan Wine Tour
Benson Vineyards
I have known this family for some time now..they are spectacular and vey kind! Lots of beautiful views and very comfortable, come enjoy!

Jeep Wine Tours
Cairdeas Winery
This hidden away winery is unique and spectacular! Let us help you find it!

Jeep Tours
Chelan Ridge
Gotta love the wonderful couple who own this winery. Always friendly and accommodating to the fun people! Make sure to try their rose'!

Lake Chelan Jeep Wine Tour Location
Karma Vineyards
One of our favorite winery's to bring our guests to. Julie and her team are always ready to please! Make sure to see the cave and enjoy some bubbly!!!

Tildio Winery
Katie and her team make some of the best wines in the valley.

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards - Wine Tour
Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards
I've spent some time getting to know Don and Judy. They have worked very hard to give us a great winery and a great experience to those who enjoy wine!

Wapato Point Cellars- Jeep Wine Tour
Wapato Point Cellars
Located in Manson, close to the timeshare community, this lovely tasting room has a great gift area to explore while you do your tasting! And check out the dinner menu, you may want to make a reservation while you are there.

Tsillan Cellars- Jeep Wine Tour
Tsillan Cellars
This is one of the older wineries in Chelan. It's also one of the most spectacular! Lots of weddings and other events are held here. It's one I like to recommend for a meal on any special occasion!

Ventimiglia Cellars- Jeep Wine Tour
Ventimiglia Cellars
Ron, the owner of Ventimiglia Cellars, is always very informative. Both the experienced wine lovers and the new will enjoy this winery and learn a lot about wine. This is truly a great experience for anyone who visits!

The Lake Chelan Valley is growing and the number of winerys is constantly going up! I grew up with Lake Chelan being a summer destination, at least 3 times a year.  
As I got older I brought my kids to Chelan and even got a vacation home here. Then we did something wild! We moved here permanently... the wineries then were just getting started. So we have watched them grow and turn this town into wine country.

The excitement with the AVA and all the weddings that take place at the beautiful establishments is incredible.

We always like to know if you have visited Lake Chelan and any of our wineries before we plan your tour. Being female and having worked at Nordstroms many years I know what the ladies are looking for on their wine tasting experience! They like some bells and whistles! Some really appreciate good wine, some like a beautiful views, some like a little food with their experience.  No matter how many times you have been to Chelan, we are going to find something you didn't know or see on your last tour.

Our Jeep wine tours have been a hit with everyone. The tops can be off or on for your tour. We can play your music, our music or no music. We pack an ice chest full of ice with a water bottle for everyone in your group and some sort of a snack. We can fly through the wineries or just take our sweet time, it's up to you.

We point out land marks and throw in some great views for you. We also know the wineries that offer a beer for you guys doing tours just to be a good sport. We can also include the local distillery on your tour. And there is a few breweries we can visit!

So if it's a winery tour you are wanting to experience for the first time or coming to Lake Chelan for the 30th time and want to do something new and have a really good experience, come join us on a Real Adventour!